Zong SMS Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2018

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Zong SMS packages monthly code unlimited, daily SMS code, 15 days, 7 days, 30 days, weekly 2018, yearly bundles. If you are a Zong customer, then you can easily activate or subscribe to any suitable SMS package with the activation code. To check remaining SMS in Zong, you can use check code.

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Zong started operating in Pakistan more than a decade ago and now it has a strong customer base in Pakistan. We also know Zong as a China Mobile Pakistan or CMPak. Zong has kept its promise of providing the best service to its customers. This is why there are more than 25 million customers and this number is always increasing. Zong SMS packages are very popular among people of all ages.

You must have read our articles about Zong Call Packages and Zong Internet Packages. Now we are going to tell you about Zong SMS Packages.

Zong SMS Packages

Let’s take a look at the popular Zong SMS packages and their respective prices.

Zong Prepaid Daily SMS + WhatsApp Package

You will love the daily SMS package which also includes 30MB of WhatsApp. See details below.

  • Price Rs. 3.99+Tax
  • SMS 500
  • WhatsApp 30 Mb
  • To Activate Dial *700# and reply with 1
  • Validity Midnight same day
  • Un-Subscribe ‘unsub’ to 700
  • Other Incentives 100 MMS/Day, 1MB

Zong Daily Zulu SMS Package

Above we listed the details of daily SMS + WhatsApp package. But if you are looking for an affordable option then see below.

  • Price Rs. 2.50 + Tax
  • SMS 500 SMS/day
  • To Activate Dial *704# or SMS ‘sub’ to 704
  • Validity Midnight same day
  • Un-Subscribe ‘unsub’ to 704
  • Other Incentives 1 MB/Day

Zong Weekly SMS Package

Get 1,200 SMS by simply subscribing to Zong prepaid weekly SMS package. Further, you also get 200 MB of WhatsApp along with it.

  • Price Rs. 14+Tax
  • SMS 1200
  • WhatsApp 200 Mb
  • To Activate Dial *702#
  • Validity 7 days
  • Un-Subscribe ‘unsub’ to 700
  • Other Incentives 100 MMS/Day, 1MB

Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Package

Below is what you get with Zong monthly SMS package and WhatsApp bundle for one month.

  • Price Rs.50 + Tax
  • SMS 500/day
  • WhatsApp 30 Mb/day
  • To Activate Dial *705#
  • Validity 30 Days
  • Un-Subscribe ‘unsub’ to 700

Other Prepaid SMS Packages

Above we looked at daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages. But you should know that Zong offers a variety of SMS packages with other incentives which last till midnight same day. Below are the details.

  • Hello SMS Bundle – Price Rs 8+Tax, No. of SMS 100 and 100 on-net min, 50MB for Facebook, To activate dial *2200*1# and unsub code is 4952
  • Flutter 8+Tax 100 90 on-net min N/A, For activation Dial *369# and Unsub to 369
  • Full Gup 5+Tax, SMS 100 and 75 on-net min, 30MB for WhatsApp, Activation Code 118*1# and Unsub to 1181
  • Sixer Plus 8+Tax, SMS 100 and Unlimited On-net min, Offer not applicable from 6 pm to 6 am. To activate this bundle dial *666# and Unsub to 666111
  • Perfect Package 12+Tax, SMS 100 and Unlimited on-net min, 40MB. Offer not applicable from 7 pm to 10 pm. For activation dial  *118*2# and Unsub to 7171

Zong Postpaid SMS Packages

Take a look at the below Zong Postpaid SMS packages.

  • SMS Quantity 300/month, Price Rs. 25, To activate dial *567# and UnSub to 700
  • SMS Quantity 700/month, Price Rs. 50, To activate dial *567# and UnSub to 700
  • SMS Quantity 900/month, Price Rs. 90, To activate dial *567# and UnSub to 700

Above we have listed popular Zong SMS packages making it easy for you to decide which package you want.

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