MyTrashMail Temporary Email Accounts

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Apply for your personal newsletter service through a phantasy email feature at You will be able to register for forums without worrying about unwanted messages or emails. Simply choose from the list of domain names that are active and available to use. You can find the list at the top right area of the portal. Use one of active names to protect your inbox from unwelcome messages. This feature will successfully block the spam mails and maintain the integrity of your account.

There are numerous phantasy emails to choose from. Choose one that strongly appeals to your taste and use it immediately. Any confirmation messages, serial codes, alerts, and the likes will be thoroughly screened through This will guarantee that no intrusion will happen and also, your inbox will not be so easily compromised. The best part of this service is that you are not required to register for an account before you can take advantage of the features. The service will let you create an account even if you are on the go.

Temporary Email Creation at MyTrashmail

Select between the two types of virtual mail available from the main page. The choices available for you are Temporary Email Private Account and Temporary Email. Create either of the two on the right hand area of the page. You will have to provide the required details on the proper spaces such as your email address, password, and username. You can complete the process using the ‘Get Secured Email’ link.

MyTrashMail Temporary Email Accounts

You will receive an anonymous and secured mail access to protect your real account. Keep in mind that unscrupulous persons online are always after your personal information. This is the main reason that you must have an effective blocker to safeguard your access. Protect your privacy successfully and keep it intact online through the features of MyTrashmail. More information can be found by using the frequently asked questions link.

Additional MyTrashmail Online Tools

  • No Cost Spam Blocker – Downloadable and free spam blocker.
  • Google Toolbar Compatible – Can be added to your toolbar so you can access the portal anywhere, anytime.
  • RSS Feeds – Connects your personal feed reader to your other private accounts.
  • Secured Temporary Email – Create your private and temporary virtual access.
  • Advance Forwarding Services – Redirects your selected online mails to any of your private emails.

For assistance with My Trash mail access, please refer to the contact button. You can locate this link at the bottom area of the portal. Use the contact key to send your message through outlook services. You may also send any of your online messages to

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