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Televox Software provides communication solution for the healthcare industry. Televox was founded in the year 1992 and on March 1, 2017, theCompany was taken overWest corporation. Companies main focus is to develop a foundational technology and clinical assets which helps the healthcare organizations to deliver operational excellence to its patients. The technology inculcated makes the communication between doctors and patients easy, and less time-consuming. It provides a platform to deliver a message to the patient and remind them of there upcoming appointments and various other customer notification. The functioning and service of the Televox is not just Healthcare domain it is even the part of commercial markets which includes insurance, pest control, casino, automotive, spa, photography and utility industries. The headquarters of the company is located in Mobile, Alabama, United States.

My T.Link account

Televox allows doctors to update the patient related information to help its customer to track their service via the online portal, which requires having an online T.Link account. How to sign in to the individual account is described in this section:

Televox T.Link home page
  • To log in to the Televox account select the URL link given here: Click here
  • To launch the staff portal it is required to enter the Customer Number.
  • If the user doesn’t know the Customer ID or if it was not found then select the Chat Live option in the right-hand corner of the login page.
  • By selecting chat live option customer will be directed to the Support page where there are contact number and email id which could be used get the support from Televox technical group and obtain the required information.

After accessing the T.Link account the customer can access the service like – House Calls Turnkey Docs: Which ensures various documents which need to be submitted for Housecall service is been finalized and a date when a doctor is going for a house call will be updated to the portal. House Calls Results Report: where the doctor updates the report for the house call checkup, the patient party can view it or retrieve the report f necessary. Live chat: This service allows the direct communication between members of healthcare and the customer to directly assist the appointment details or to discuss the health-related issues.

Office Closing Video: If a doctor is unavailable on a particular day then the memo will be updated on the staff portal to help the patient. WebPlus email service: allows the doctor or the hospital people to send an e-mail to the patient party to convey any issues or change in appointment date or time. Text Messaging support: Televox also helps the health care members to convey a message related to the patient report, appointment or treatment directly via text message. ROI support: It helps the doctors or healthcare members to measure the gain or loss generated by the investment.

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