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TrashMail is well known by its webpage, which is spam blocker. TrashMail was developed in the year 2002 by Stephan Ferraro a Computer Science student from Epitech Paris. It is a spam e-mail address disposable service by creating a temporary e-mail address. Currently, TrashMail belongs to Ferraro Ltd. Company.The spam e-mail is blocked before it reaches the original e-mail address, the temporary e-mail address created protects the hidden e-mail (real e-mail).

Trashmail protects the real account on which the spammers rely on, by creating a temporary account. It disposes of spam mail and forwards the other mail to original mail address. The benefits and steps to access the TrashMail are discussed in below section:

How to access myTrashMail

  • To use TrashMail system select the link: Click Here
  • Above link navigates to TrashMail official page, on right most corner of the page user can view the Temporary Email and Temporary Email Private Accounts option.
  • If using Temporary Email option it is not required to register, just enter the real e-mail address and select Get Email.
  • If the user wants to forward the mail to their real hidden e-mail address from Temporary e-mail, then select Temporary Email Private Accounts, which ask the customer to register and set the password protection to the account. Select Get Secure Email.
myTrashMail Login page

myTrashMail allows accessing primary function without registration. It is required to upgrade to PRO version to activate automatic forwarding, to secure temporary account or to use anonymous e-mail. The user can choose email name of there choice which is followed by as the temporary e-mail address. Every mail stays in the temporary e-mail between 2 hours to 3 days, by activating PRO Version the hold back time is increased to 30 days.The email account is limited to 4 MB, once the account reaches 4MB older email in the account is deleted regardless of how long it stayed in the account. It is advisable to use Secure Temporary email, which lets the user access the mail personally. Or else there are chances of receiving the email from other users if its a commonly used account name. It is advised not to use credit card details on Temporary e-mail.

Temporary and Secure Temporary email are accessible for free. Only for upgrading to PRO version money need to be paid. By using TrashMail one can feel free to signup for various demos and forums without worrying about email address being used by spammers. TrashMail never stores it’s usersIP address. By adding to google toolbar one can access anonymous account instantly. The official webpage provides the link to download spam blocker for free. For further queries, the user can check FAQ section or directly select Contact at the end of the page.

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