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MyCharge is a portable charging device manufactures. It is privately owned consumer electronics company started in the year 2010, with its headquarters located in Birmingham, Michigan, USA. MyCahrge focuses are serving the customers with a fast and reliable charger at an affordable price. Portable chargers help to keep the smartphone, iPhone, tablet or an eReader powered for a long time. MyCharge manufactures portable chargers which are lightweight and has a very good finishing, it provides long-lasting battery backup and makes it easy to carry.It provides the Portable Chargers for all smartphones including iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung, adaptable chargers are also available for Tablet and Laptop from various vendors.It has also come with an earbud charging case which has a battery capacity of 1400mAh. MyCharge also sells USB Cables, multiple slot USB ports, and AC Adapter.

To Login and buy products online

MyCharger Home Page
  • To purchase portable charger via MyCharger then select: Click here
  • Select Sign in on right top corner of the homepage and start online booking of the desired product or add it to cart.
  • If new to MyCharger then select Sign in option in homepage which navigates to login page then select New Customer? Sign Up option and furnish the basic details and enter the e-mail id and set a Password of your choice.
  • Click on Sign Up button. Then proceed with online shopping.
MyCharger Login page

The product will be delivered on time with a good packing. The company will consider the customers request if the product has been not received within 60 days from receipt of the shipping confirmation e-mail.

MyCharge power bank has a shelf life of two years.Power bank has at least 500 rechargeable cycles from empty to full. The average time taken to charge the Power bank is 3 to 6 years, which in turn depends on the input source. The smart circuitry inside the power bank controls charging of the battery, by helping to automatically stop charging once the battery is completely charged. There is an independent integrated circuit which takes up the control of battery if smart circuitry fails.If the device is not getting charged via power bank, then charge the power bank until 1 or more LED is solid and connect to the device to be charged, if the LED blinks for 10 seconds and fails to charge the device then use power bank with higher output because device needs more power than what present portable power bank is providing.

MyCharge Power banks are compatible with an input voltage ranging: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, thus it can be used internationally, by using an adaptor for Type A plug, for countries were Type A plugs are not used. MyCharger provides a user Manual with all its products to guide and help its customer’s with the product information. If the product manually is lost then the customer can download the digital manual and they even help the customers with video’s which will teach about using the MyCharge product. By registering the product purchased one can expect fast technical support from MyCahrge team, the product will be automatically registered if bought on MyCharger website.If the customer is facing the problem with the product purchased and is unable to get help from MyCharger site then can quickly submit a Support ticket which will help to get in touch with the team regarding the problem. MyCharger is shipping is available only in the USA.

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