Sharis Pies & Shakes Login

Select your favorite pie at Shari’s Café and Pies through Search for the ‘Order Online’ tab and then use the ‘Order’ link right away. You will be redirected to a new page where you can place your order. Breakfast menus can be ordered even during dinnertime and dinner menus during breakfast. You will be glad to know that everything on the menu can be ordered all day. To make an order, chose your Shari’s outlet first then fill out the form. It is possible to access the online form after you have been redirected to a new page. Submit the form and you will receive your request without delay.

When you sign up you will receive your pie slice for free. Another advantage of your membership is that you earn rewards when you dine at Shari’s. To register for your account, look for the ‘Join Club’ link on the succeeding page. Use the link and the online enrollment form will appear at Fill out any of the required information that applies to you. The details will include your address, name, city, birthday, state, and more. You can immediately start earning your rewards right after your enrollment is approved. The rewards you earn can be redeemed for your favorite pie and other products on the menu.

Sharis Pies & Shakes Login

Exclusive Features of MySharis Membership

You will receive many benefits if you are a valid member of MySharis. The following are the advantages offered through your access:

  • A free serving of pie after signing up.
  • Free serving of pie on your birthdate.
  • Exclusive offers for club members.
  • Receive reward dollars for earning 100 points.
  • Get your 6th order of pie shakes for free when you order 5.
  • Surprise rewards and other prizes.

Signing in to Your Account

The proper login process is very easy to accomplish. To access your account, use the ‘Join Here’ link followed by the ‘Member Login Page’ key. You will reach the login area where you can enter your password and username. Review your information for any errors and continue through the ‘Log In’ link.

Do not forget to register My Sharis card right after receiving it. You can do the registration process at the main portal. Explore the page until you find a ‘Register’ key and then read the corresponding instructions. Additional details can be found at the FAQs portal. If you are searching for a vacant position, the ‘Shari’s Jobs’ link is right for you. You may speak to the customer support at 503-605-4299 and 800-433-5334.

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