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I2c is a company that makes business personal by helping the shoppers and brands to build relationships with them. They build communication programmes to engage customers at different stages of their shopping journey. Amir wain is the CEO of the i2c company. Its headquarters is located in redwood city, California united states. The company was established in 1987. Marc Sinitic is the chief marketing officer of this company. Peg Johnson is the Executive Vice President. The key features of the i2c company are a configurable platform, high readability, extensive security, advanced digital framework, and industry-leading engagement and loyalty to the clients. The customers who are using this i2c business use MVP as their central login page.

My card place program

My card place program is an online website that is used by many companies around the world. It is an online website where the details of global processing platform for prepaid, cards, mobile etc are maintained. You can create your account here. Using this my card place website you can pay your account transactions and inquire about your balance. Please make sure that the website you login must be found a green symbol in the address bar in your computer or mobile. If this green color is not indicated then the website is not secured.

My card place program login

If you are a registered user and if you want to use you’re my card place website then follow the login procedure given below

MyCardPlace Portal
  • Visit the official website or click on this link
  • A new web page will be displayed
  • Enter your user-id and password
  • Click on the sign button
  • Now you can access the account

My card place program login forget password details

We humans have the habit of forgetting small things in life. Don’t get panic if you have forgotten your password. Please follow the instructions given below to recover your password easily

Forget Password
  • Visit the official website or click on this link
  • A new web page will be displayed
  • Click on the forget your password link
  • Enter your userid
  • Enter the visual verification code
  • Click on the get password button
  • Don’t forget to log in again with the new password

My card place is a website which is linked to so many companies. You can create your own account and access the facilities provided by the website. You can pay your account, check your account balances.

Hope you guys have gained some information about my card place article. If you have any questions you can contact us. If you like this article you can share this article with your friends. Have a bright future ahead!

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