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Gain entry to your KLM account and manage your concerns on corporate authentication and authorization online by logging in with your username and password at For KLM businesses, official authorization is needed for KLM members to gain access. Services provided are mainly for business purposes and for any other uses of such assistance, an authorization from the management is required.

Use your MyKLM account online on and all available services using a mobile smart device with access to the Internet anytime, anywhere. Take note though, that only the account owner is eligible for access. Unauthorized users trying to access your account will receive appropriate punishments.

One of the key features of being an account user is the excellent security it can give you and your confidential information. If there is any period of inactivity during your usage, the CAAS (Corporate Authentication & Authorization Services) automatically ends your session. You would have to re-log in to your account once that happens, and you also have to refresh the page for the My KLM page to be viewed again on your browser.

In 1919, KLM or Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (Royal Dutch Airlines) as legally known, was founded, serving the Netherlands including its colonized places. It has been deemed as the oldest airline to date. Its name has not been changed since the time it began its operation. Providing great dedication to service and efficient, innovative products to customers, the company has more than 32,000 dedicated workers employed. KLM maintains its foundation of high quality network, opening itself to intercontinental shipping connections for both cargo and passengers, considering the wide spectrum of traveling and freight competitors.

My KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Known for its founded leadership and excellent services to the freight and cargo industry, you are rest assured of the great benefits you could enjoy as an active member of the KLM.

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