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Grab the opportunity that comes your way by reaching your respective consultant through Get set immediately by entering your complete given name, surname, valid email and telephone number in their respective required field spaces. Then choose the option that suits your interest such as: holding party, hosting fundraiser event and information about the product.

There are options available through my Tupperware services such as shopping for products, set the date of a party, view a currently registered party or browse the list for information about the product, warranty and other details. Submit your individual information and wait for your consultant to respond by way of email or through personal telephone call. The phone number of your consultant can be viewed inside the page of You can avoid entering your online individual information by directly communicating with them by phone.

Features of MyTupperware

Online Shopping. Tupperware goods are available by accessing the “shop at” link. This can be found at the upper left-hand part of You will be directed to the e-commerce online store where top vendors, benchmarks, and other category of Tupperware goods are displayed.

A party date. Accumulate free goods by organizing parties while inviting your family and your friends. Hosting Tupperware parties let you accumulate host credits which can be used to redeem free merchandises. Use your host credits to purchase any item in the listing except for the fundraising item.

Be one of us. Be a consultant whose earnings can reach 35% commission with the schedule of your own choice, this can be gained through intensive training and assistance, either personally or online. Quickly stack your very own money by showcasing fast and delectable recipes using Tupperware goods. Start hosting parties personally or through family and friends who desired to held parties at their respective homes. You can also become a member of a consultant group by locating an advisor near you. Knowing the consultant personally is advantageous in choosing the team that you prefer to join.

Begin a party search. Search for any TupperConnect event an advisor is holding near your location. Do this through the services offered at my tupperware. Opt to use the phone by dialing 1-800-TUPPERWARE and be assisted in your search for someone nearby.

Join the Tupperware Team

Search for a Fundraiser. In case that you have known a deserving fundraiser that you want to make some contributions, choose the select state option and search for a fundraiser that is open. Start preserving the future of the planet with my Tupperware.

Browse through the list of Products. This showcases the full list found in a paperback brochure catalog. These are always updated all year round, keeping up with the demand of the seasons.

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