Pearson’s MyLabPlus

Pearson’s MyLabPlus
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Manage your courses and enrollment in Pearson using MyLabsPlus online portal through Pearson’s website at Research shows that students who are genuinely engaged in their studies are successful in the class and also into each of their chosen careers. This technology is designed by Pearson to aid the students reach and learn definite learning goals, outcomes and experiences.

Use to get and stay connected to information systems for students, system management for learning, enrollment, and allows both of Pearson’s administrators and educators to monitor your progress all through your courses, institution and department. Use MyLabsPlus to increase, efficiency, engagement and effectiveness on your course.

Pearson’s MyLabPlus

Stay connected to interactive learning hub using mylabsplus even if you are away from your classroom, after classes or away from the school. This technology received a lot of good reviews from student users around the school and other campuses as well, helping them get more engaged with their studies. If you are interested to know more about these stories you can see them for yourself by clicking the “Results” button located at the menu bar and choose reviews given by different students from different campuses.

To provide more services to students, my labs plus made a community center where students like you can directly connect to your instructors or other students. Using this, you can share your knowledge and share your ideas to others, get help on your studies and help others as well. Educators can make use of mylabsplus to share their ideas, give assignments or challenges, give trainings and tips and even give lecture notes, materials and syllabi’s.

Take advantage of the amazing services by simply logging in to your account or create a personal account if you don’t already have one. If you have questions or concerns you may call Pearson’s support team hot-line at (888) 883-1229 or visit their support page by clicking the “Support” button located at the bottom-left of the Pearson MyLabsPlus homepage.

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