My California Permit Course Login

My California Permit Course Login
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Obtaining your DMV California driving permit is easy by taking a drivers educational course through In order for you to that, you must first pass the 11 approved DMV lessons, all courses, and the final test in order gain your DMV certificate. Your certificate will be sent through email right away.

Conversely, My California Permit has been noted as one of the first ever online drivers educational courses. For over the past 10 years, it has been recorded that thousands of youths have utilized You need not worry, as you will be given the opportunity to view and scrutinize the online educational courses before even hitting the payment option. As a matter of fact, you will have many chances of retaking tests until you’ve nailed it.

My California Permit Information Needed

For a jump start, click the button labeled ‘Start Now’ and correctly fill in your personal complete information.

  • Name – First and Last
  • Birth date
  • Reliable email address
  • Set up password
  • Personal number

My California Permit Course Login

They also offer freebies and discounts, the company gladly offers you tokens and coupon codes which you can enjoy when you placed the approved coupon code in the discount box. For payment mode, the company has made it easy by simply using your credit cards and entering your card details. After making the payment, way up you can now start in taking the online course as you will be also tracked regarding how far you have gone through with every lesson at your own convenience. Always remember that you have to pass the DMV 11 lessons for you to be ready to take the different sets of tests. For you to take the test, click the button labeled as take test. Each test consist of 60 questions in which you need to obtain at least 80% passing score. However, if you fail you can always have the chance or retaking the test again.

Moreover, before you decide to purchase have the time to scrutinize mycaliforniapermit course by simply clicking the study the lessons tab. To begin with, My California Permit offers this course for and with that you can now have a California DMV uphold certificate from an A+ rated company running a proven assured website– my Better Business Bureau.

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