Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile
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Start up your Walmart Family Mobile by activating your device at This is an application made specifically for wireless gadgets or mobiles. The program is only available to use within the boundaries of the United States. It is also a no contract program that offers unlimited messaging, web connectivity, text, and talk. Sign up online or at participating Walmart stores in order to receive your own access. Buy a mobile powered by T-Mobile from any participating Walmart outlets and use the starter kit to activate it.

Fill out the required information if you are attaching phones to current account. Make sure that the details that you have provided are correct. Search for the button marked as Next if you are activating your device for the first time. Give the necessary details for your activation through  Add new phone line to an existing account by providing your number and password. Log in to manage the activation process and additional line through your access. Remember these features every time you purchase a phone at Walmart store Family Mobile.

Walmart Family Mobile

Requirements for Activating Your Myfamilymobile Phone

Your personal details are essential for completing your activation procedure. Please prepare the following for your registration:

  • Your newly purchased mobile
  • The packaging that came with your purchase
  • The starter or activation kit
  • Valid driver license
  • Any Government issued ID card

You can have the following benefits after creating your online personal account:

  • The convenience of having a mobile
  • You can transfer your number
  • Maximum of five lines every account
  • No credit checks and hidden contracts
  • Nonexistent coverage fee
  • No hidden fees per phone activation
  • Unlimited phone usage
  • Reasonable payment options for International and long distance calls

Please read and accept the terms and conditions before submitting your personal information. The privacy agreement is also intended for your security and protection as a client. It is quite understandable that you might experience some issues related to your account. These issues are always given priority to be resolved as fast as possible.

For your needed assistance, please use the Contact Us link located at the lower part of the portal. You will be taken directly to the area where previously solved issues are listed. Information regarding your product and the company is also available from my family mobile. Please refer to the frequently asked questions for useful materials and solutions. You may speak directly to a customer care representative by dialing 877-440-9758. Your helpline is ready to assist you every Monday through Sunday, from 4:00am until 10:00pm, Pacific Time.

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