My Assurant Solutions Claim

My Assurant Solutions Claim
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If you want to learn more about the mobile protection plan that you have right now, please use By selecting your service provider among the options provided on mywirelessclaim, you can get more information about the various protection programs offered by Assurant Solutions. Assurant Solutions helps protect things that matter to you. It has a wide range of products and services that protect things that people rely on – from appliances to electronics.

As you can see on, there are various service providers that are partnered with Assurant Solutions. The list includes Bluegrass Cellular, Claro Up – Brazil, Movistar – Argentina, TIM Italy, T-Mobile Puerto Rico, T-Mobile USA and USA cellular. Assurant Solutions is one of the most popular companies in the industry. The company helps consumers get the most from the often complex, connected devices that they rely on every day. In fact, it has received an average of 4.91 star-rating from Amazon. Ebay, Google and even BBB gave this company good ratings which assures you that it is indeed legitimate. Many of the world’s leading banks, retailers, mobile carriers and manufacturers rely on Assurant to help them in assisting their customers.

Activities to Do on MyWirelessClaim

Having an online account on My Wireless Claim brings numerous benefits to the owner. You can enjoy doing many activities including:

  • Filing a claim
  • Tracking a claim
  • Viewing plans that will help protect your device
  • Being worry-free about scams
  • Finding your deductible amount if you provide your mobile device’s make and model
  • And much more…
My Assurant Solutions Claim

Assurant Solutions has offices throughout North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. If your mobile phone is covered through one of Assurant’s partner carriers, you can call 1-800-533-2220 for help.

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