Your Score Card Rewards

Your Score Card Rewards
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Access all of your rewards and earnings by opening an account at Login securely to view the remaining balance of your rewards as well as the available redemption options for you. You can also learn more on ways to earn points through your account.

Navigate online and make the most of your reward points as you choose from the list of offered options. You can select from the vast array of travel and merchandise from See how fast you can rack up your points every time you use your card on purchases.

Accessing Your Account through ScoreCardRewards

Provide the following requirements accurately:

  • A 16 digit card number or your 12 digit authorized Redeemer ID
  • Your first and last name
  • Your registered business name
  • Your zip code
  • Valid email address

Your Score Card Rewards

Manage your account by creating a unique online profile that you can use. Make sure that you are using the latest Internet Explorer or any updated browser. Setting up your online profile will take just a few minutes of your time. If you are using an international address in your enrollment, simply fill the zip code field with the number 9.

You can start to fully access the site after you have successfully submitted your personal details. Email messages can also be set according to your preference in your account. Log in and discover all the things that you can do with your account.

More Things to Learn 

Increase your earning potential by keeping up with the updates on every offer through your Score Card Rewards. You can set your own wish list as you search for the best brands in the list. Vacation getaways, excellent services and other lifetime experiences can also be added in your wish list. Visit your account as often as possible because options are continually updated. You can get the most out of your membership this way. Follow ScoreCard on Facebook to receive your exclusive promos.

Privacy and Security Information

Security measures have been put in place to safeguard and protect the personal information that you have provided. Any unauthorized person will never be able to access your personal details. All employees are also aware of the confidentiality policies that are put in effect. Please read and understand the Security Notice for your benefit. The thorough commitment to data security is the foremost priority for your protection.

Read the Privacy Notice as well as the terms and conditions before submitting your personal information. There are linked pages found on Score Card Rewards that are beyond the control of the stipulated privacy and security notice.

For enquiries and assistance, please contact the help center by dialing 1-800-854-0790. Help is available by phone 24 hours a day.

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