Citi Savings Choices

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Register your own account and gain access to amazing deals online through You can get into various savings choices at Daily Deals through your membership. Gain access to discounts as well as other merchandise every time you travel, shop or dine.

Discover every amount of savings you have earned since the day you started using your Citi Card. You can also choose to apply as a Card member if you do not own a card yet. Pick your choice from over 300,000 items at You can also redeem your earned points and use it to lower the price of your particular online purchase.

Start Your CitiEasyDeals Membership

Access your City Easy Deals as a Citi member through your Citibank Online account or with your Citi Easy Deals identification. You will be required to provide your username, member identification, password and a valid email address.

Get your own credit card through an online application if you are not a certified Citi Card member yet. Please read and understand all the relevant terms and conditions before you conclude your credit card application. This is an important reminder that encompasses all transaction related to financial credit. You are required to provide the following details for your Citi MasterCard application:

  • Your first and last name
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Valid email address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security code
  • Create a security word
  • Authorize a user (optional)
  • Electronic disclosure
  • Your consent to the terms and conditions

Give your acknowledgement that you have read and agreed to the stipulated rates, fees and other costs. This is applicable to all information including your rewards. Please check with the privacy policy and discover to what extent that your personal information would be shared. Get to know the protective methods that were employed to guarantee your safety and privacy. Remember that the stated Online Privacy Statement is subject to change without prior announcement.

Citi Savings Choices

You can login and start accumulating your reward points once your membership has been approved. Login as often as you can to manage your activity as well as your account balance. Participating in the Easy Deals program is virtually free and will never affect the stated APR of your own Citi Card account. Eligible Citi Card members can also join in the CitiEasyDeals program as offered by Deluxe Financial Services, LLC dba Deluxe Rewards and with the approval of Citibank, N.A. Your accumulated points in your account will expire if you have become ineligible in the program. You have to pay any remaining balance through your Citi Card if you have used up your Citi Easy Deals rewards. Keep in mind that offers and promos are subject to change without notice and will always be subject to availability of the items.

Please dial 1-800-231-6381 for your enquiries regarding your account as well as other concerns. You may also submit your questions for an email response.

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