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Register for your online Global Cards Services and earn advantages at You have to go to the proper area through the ‘Activate Card’ link. For the activation process, there are requirements that you need to fulfill first. One of these steps will require you to provide your personal information, such as your card’s number and its expiration date. You can only proceed to the next steps if you have complied with the first. Complete the steps and you will have it activated immediately.

The system will inform you that you have a successfully activated your cash card. You must create a password and username in order to use it securely. Use your login details to view your transaction history, credit balance, personal data and more. You will be able to access your account whenever you want, just ensure that your device has a stable connection.

Solution for Stolen or Lost MyGlobalCard

In case you have lost your pass or you think it might have been stolen, please inform your provider immediately. This will prevent the situation from getting worse, costing you more money and time. Please follow the steps below if such circumstances occur:

  • Locate the ‘Stolen or Lost Card’ Link on the main portal.
  • Use the link and be redirected to the online form area.
  • Fill out the form with your personal details.
  • Give your complete name, phone number, complete address, and email.
  • Please indicate if it was stolen or lost.
  • Give the date of incident and the last four digits.
  • Recheck your given information and proceed using the ‘Submit’ link.
  • Wait for the system to reply and address your concern.

How to Manage My Global Card Access

Your Global Card Account

Manage your account by typing in your password and username. Proceed inside your account using the ‘Log In’ link. Do not hesitate to seek assistance if you have forgotten your login information.

Your access will enable you to have exclusive access to the offered services and features. It will also make your balance inquiry more convenient because you can do it online. You will also be able to: update your personal details, transfer your funds, receive rewards, set a payment option, and many more. Viewing your paystubs, 1099, and W-2 documents is also very easy to do.

You may download and install My Global Card application on any compatible device that you have. The application will enable you to sign in to your account while you are on the go. Keep in mind that your device must be capable of connecting to the internet and the browser is up to date. The mobile friendly application is similar in features and functions as the desktop version. Switching between the two is an issue that you do not have to worry when you are using the program.

Please do not hesitate to send in your comments, complaints or suggestions to the appropriate department. If you are having any issues, please send an email to

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