Love Rewards Program

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Have your My Love Rewards card registered using the mobile app and start earning points today through You can also register at a participating store kiosk or contact their customer service through phone by dialing 1-800-655-6837. Earn points through My Love customer rewards program and you can spend the points earned  just like you’re spending cash.

If you are a member of, you are eligible for the rewards program. Have your my love rewards card swiped each time you visit a gas station or present in when you make purchases  to earn credits and points. When you purchase commercial diesel, the points you’re going to earn are in terms of gallons the same as purchases qualified merchandises and when using love truck tire care. Every point you earned is equivalent to a cent of in-store price deduction. So if you have 500 points earned you can use your points to get a 500 cents or $5 discount to your purchase or restaurant bills. Use your points to Love’s operated and owned restaurants, retail stores and tire care establishments. Please be reminded that purchase of the following items are not honored for discounts: fuel, E-cigarettes, gift cards, lottery tickets, tobacco, or phone cards.

Locate and identify Love’s participating and owned stores, restaurants and tire care centers using My Love Rewards mobile app. You can download the application at

My Love Rewards Point System (Fuel)

  • Base – less than 500 gal./mon (1pt/gal)
  • Gold – less than 1000 gal./mon (2pts/gal)
  • Platinum – less than 1500 gal./mon (3pts/gal)
  • Diamond – more than 1500 gal./mon (4pts/gal)

When you have accumulated 500 points, only then you can start to redeem your rewards or discount. Present your card at a participating establishment when you make a purchase. Points earned will expire within a year so be sure to use your points.

Login to your My Love Rewards by entering your 14-digits MyloveRewards number and your 4-8 digits PIN to the designated box and click “Login” button to access your account. If you have not registered your card yet, click on the “Login or Register” button at the menu bar and click “Register” to start the registration process. This rewards programs are open to professional truck drivers as of this moment.

Call My Love Rewards Hotline at 1-800-655-6837 for your questions and other concerns.

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