1st Choice Bankruptcy Education

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Access your account with First Choice bankruptcy for courses on education and counseling through www.mybknow.com. Courses available include bankruptcy course for before filing and after filing. It also offers courses on financial education. This covers financial management, courses made especially for students and financial education the woman’s way. Being a member you are granted an access to credit rebuilding tool, stress management and housing counseling.

By logging in your account at mybknow.com you will be provided with both online and over the phone courses. First Choice Credit provides credit help and other various form of housing counseling for most of 50 states. Serving you and small groups as well. Going through financial hardships and anything that is related to money and its effects.

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1st Choice Bankruptcy Education

Courses are available if you are interested in being educated in financial management. With My b know you will be have an educated choice whether as to whether or not bankruptcy is your only and best option. If you are just an individual or if you have a business and you’re filing for a Chapter 7, which is a proceeding that a you or company stops all operation and go completely out of business, or Chapter 13, which is a proceeding that you, as the debtor, go through a reorganization of your finances under the direct approval and supervision of the court, the courses are made to educate you with the exact issues.

Complete the necessary courses online with my b know. All you need to do is sign-up to get the instruction for an affordable price. Do all this in the comforts of your home and at your own pace. The courses available meets the bankruptcy law requirement. For any questions and concern you may call 1-877-692-5669 or you may request information through info@myBKnow.com. Courses are usually up to two hours in length.

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