American Express BlueBird Login

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Create your personal Bluebird account and manage it through Bluebird is sponsored by American Express and partnered with Wal-Mart as a flexible alternative to your banking needs. Most features are free thus you can balance your finances as simply as possible.

Become a certified member and be able to transfer funds, transact deposits and withdrawals as well as gain access to ATMs. It will only require a few minutes of your time to set up your account at There are no monthly fees or overdraft fees and direct deposit is free. As a Bluebird member, you have a free bill pay through your account.

The Bluebird Login Membership Requirements

Provide the following details during your online registration:

  • Temporary card number
  • 4 digit security code on the card
  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Phone or mobile number
  • Create a username
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security code

American Express BlueBird Login

Visit your nearest Wal-Mart and purchase a temporary Bluebird card. Your purchase should jumpstart your initial membership process. Register and you will receive your very own personalized card. Use your account to obtain full access to the features of Bluebird. The remaining balance on your temporary card will be transferred to your account.

Your provided information is collected according to the government regulations on identity verification purposes. Keep in mind that your social security number will never be used to conduct a credit check without your approval.

Setting up Your Card Information

  • Create and verify your password
  • Set and confirm a 4 digit ATM PIN
  • Create a security question
  • Provide the answer to the security question

Note that this is not a bank but it is issued through American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc. All information related to the FDIC pass-through insurance and Bluebird is available on the legal page.

Carefully read and review the consent statement, user privacy and member agreement before finalizing and submitting your request.

Current Members

Login and manage your account with the use of your established username and password. This is applicable for the current member of Bluebird.

Set up 3 email accounts and submit it for recovering your forgotten username. This will enable Bluebird to locate your profile. In case you have forgotten your username, enter the validation code and submit your recovery request. For lost and forgotten password, provide the email address of your account together with your validation code. You need to answer the security question correctly before you can reset your password.

Please contact Bluebird as soon as possible in case your card is lost, damaged or stolen. The replacement card is free. Your balance will be restored based on your last transaction.

For any enquiries, call the customer service representative at 1 (877) 486-5990 or through the International Collect number at 1 (801) 449-4016.

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