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Complete your secure payments with the use of your accounts towards IC systems by accessing It is fairly easy to make secure payment online with the aid of solutions from the receivables management. The system for collecting debt is applied for resolving debt, collecting debt and gathering any necessary information.

As a business owned by a family, the extent of the IC system is vast. has the capacity to provide services of account receivable management for clients as many as 20,000 from various industry. The industry that generally benefits from the services offered are: communications, utilities, retails, financial service and healthcare.

Navigating YourPayment

Your payment is a secure website which is under the premise of the IC system. It allows viewable information and does payments using your payment online account. You can choose not to transact your payments online. A toll-free number is printed on the letter that you received should you prefer to pay through phone. To do online payments, you need to have the reference numbers from the same letter.

Your Payment IC Systems

There are two prerequisite boxes that you must complete if you want to comply with the payment method. These boxes are located by accessing yourpayment online page. Find the reference numbers from the letter that you have. Do not forget to include the dashes when you enter the reference numbers in the first prerequisite box. Reenter the reference numbers for verification purposes and press next. This will advance the process.

Ensure that your payment will be protected by using safe encryption mode. This is the aim of the secure payment network at IC system. In such a way, privacy is virtually protected to the utmost degree. For reasons with regard to your fee, call the toll-free telephone at 1-888-735-0516. If you were contacted by mistake, dial the telephone number 1-800-279-9048 for assistance. You may also send your complaint by emailing them. Use the prepared contact sheet by accessing the link

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