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Be a charitable person and reach out to others through the portal of charitable groups and nonprofit organization through Engaging with clients from various corporations worldwide is possible through online methods. There are tools that will cater the needs of charities administrators, especially in documenting their digital trails. Enhancing the strategies in their workplace to a higher level is also easy. Access the page as it was specifically created to assists every NPO in their endeavors. Help build a stronger relation with corporate platforms and establish unwavering partnerships. Personal accounts are obtainable for every interested individual such as you.

Generate your very own partnership account by a click of your mouse. Navigate the page then click the link that indicates register for free. This can be found in the inner left portion of the online program. Enrollment for an account requires two steps to be fulfilled. First is to choose your desired organization by inputting your own EIN code. Enter the name of your charity group, its location as well as the state and city name of its location. To continue the process, select the search option and indicate your charity organization from the result of the search. As soon as it is required, send the document of determination from your company. Generate your unique username and passkey. Then fill in the blank form with the relevant information. Temporary access will be granted to you so that you can provide additional data on the charity organization page. Expect the administrator to review your request and deny or grant it within two working days.

Mangaging your YourCause Account

Manage your own your cause online page by clicking NPO Page that can be found at the top navigation of your screen. Choose “edit page” from the menu, however, you are only allowed to do this if your application was approved. Sign in for the ACH Payments and manage your funds. Also, keep a record of your own Deposit Amounts.

More than 42,000 charity organizations have received aid from various corporations in the span of a year. Use and navigate through the updated Nonprofit Portal as a client or an employee. This is made easy with the help of online services that you can select to have. A number of tools for the administrator are available including:

  • Records of donations
  • Volunteer registration
  • Revise logo
  • Insert goal
  • Upload photos
  • Contact data revision
  • Places served

Your Cause for Nonprofits Login

Encourage your company in engaging every staff and monitor activities by way of useful online community forum. Be focused on willingly volunteering and become charitable at all times. Guide your organization to a higher calling by connecting with your cause online system.

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