JP Morgan Prepaid Account Center

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Enter your JP Morgan Prepaid Account at Update your account and view the services offered by the prepaid account online services. Submit your user ID and password to continue. New members need to sign up for an account by registering using the “register new user” button on the homepage.

The allows you the privilege to check transaction histories, know your prepaid balance, change your account PIN, and activate your prepaid card. You can retrieve your user ID and change your password in the event that you cannot recall them. The JP Morgan Prepaid Account Center also accepts debit cards of Visa and MasterCard. 

Steps to Acquire a MyPrepaidCardJPMorgan Account

It is highly important that you have your user ID to gain access with JP Morgan Prepaid Account Center. New members can register by clicking the “register new user” button located below the log on button. There are certain details required to continue with the application.

  • The serial number of your JP Morgan Prepaid card
  • Your Passcode
  • The last six characters of your government ID

The above mentioned details are just the basic information as needed by the system in order to distinguish your identity. It also determines whether or not the prepaid card account number matches with your provided information. All information is authentically secured and cannot be used by anyone else. Continue with the registration by clicking the next button. Basically, there are four steps in registering a new account.

  • Identification of the Applicant
  • Setting up the user ID as well as the password
  • Reading through the terms and conditions set by and choosing the “accept” option
  • Confirm your application to complete the whole registration
JP Morgan Prepaid Account Center

You can contact the customer service for inquiries related to your prepaid account. Select the “help with this page” link of the screen that will lead you to the customer service numbers for you to reach. Contact the customer service by dialing 888-252-3231 or 847-488-2339 or email at

The online system provides a resource center to choose the following selections.

  • Recall your user ID through the retrieve user ID option
  • Change your password by selecting reset password
  • Choose the Activate Card if you wish to activate your prepaid cards
  • Modify your PIN clicking on the Reset PIN option
  • Report lost or stolen cards by clicking the Report Card Lost or Stolen Card button.
  • Read the Carnival Privacy Policy
  • Costa Privacy Policy gives you the privacy principles offered by the system

Use your login details and access the mentioned options offered by JP Morgan Prepaid Account Center. It is important that you have the serial number of your prepaid cards, user ID and your passcodes.

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