LACCDcard by HigherOne

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Find the most convenient way of getting your financial aid refund by accessing If you want to access into an account to manage your refund, this portal will allow you to do so. As a current college student from Los Angeles College District, you have the capacity to access your refund account. Being a recipient of financial aid for the first time, navigate the page to know more about your reimbursements.

Choose the services that you need when you access through HigherOne. You may have inquiries that need immediate response on how to manage your funds. Once you have the green colored envelope from HighOne, find your unique code digits or number on your card. Remember the information printed on your document and use it to access your account. Input your password and e-mail address inside the empty boxes and enter. 

Things to Do After Accessing Your Personal Account By Way Of MyLACCDCard

While you are inside the page, decide on whether you want to use your financial refund or receive it. It is common for students to apply for refund in order to have cash on hand. You can use the amount for purchasing or renting your academic textbooks. Use the refund to restock your food supplies, buy gas as well as other necessary school supplies. You are free to choose on the type of account that you prefer the most. Your preference can greatly aid you in managing your refund cash as long as it is available out of the offered services. It is understandable that the services may differ depending on the school. Even so, here are the services that are available in general:

  • Make use of your own OneAccount – When your university has decided to release your refund, it will go directly to this account. This account is connected with your card from HigherOne. After being deposited, you will be able to immediately use the refund cash on that day.
  • Deposit your funds to another account – This service depends entirely on the school to release the refund to your own One Account. Submit the required ACH data so Higher one can process your cash to the registered bank. The money will have to pass through the Federal Reserve before being transmitted to your valid third party bank. This process usually takes two to three business days before your cash reaches you.
LACCDcard by HigherOne

Every student should know the importance of knowing the right financial options to choose. Every option has its own equivalent fees thus making the wrong one would have consequences. Review the instructions regarding the offered services and its fees. You can do this by selecting the Fee Schedule link found below and a little to the left of mylaccdcard page. Browse the chart to know more about the fees that is tied with using the account, overdrafts and others. It is for your benefit to know how some of these unnecessary fees are possible to avoid. Choose the chart most similar to the account that you are using. OneAccount Premier, OneAccount edge or OneAccount are among the choices available. Verify the chart that you are looking if it is the proper one. You have to select the correct tab found on top of every chart, just below the title “A Guide to Services and Fees”. On another important note, the instructions say that fees will vary depending on the school and type of account. Access your personal account to view the relevant fees for your benefit.

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