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Navigate your federal student aid credit account page using an online directory program by accessing Manage your student loan and research data from financial aid experts. This online service is paired with various financial associates. The portal also provides many selections of service for student loan and financial assistance funds.

Use your access at to obtain entrance advice and fully comprehensive direct loan, either subsidized or unsubsidized. Obtain full knowledge from financial advices as well as use the repayment calculator, estimator and consolidation records. Know the relationship between responsible loan measures, budgeting, financial assistance outline as well as common myths related to financial support. As a student, you will learn to reach mature choices with regard to financial aid through educational financial loans.

Main Features of MyEdAccount

Loans for Students. You may create your own FSA identification through The created login will allow you to access your online account as initial step in obtaining student financial assistance. You can gain services and tools in managing your standing loans, loan applications, loan refund and more. For further inquiries or assistance, please contact the customer care service by dialing 1-800-557-7394.

eZ-Audit Sytem. Create a valid account that you can use to access the audit assistance system. You can ask for financial assistance around the clock everyday through the federal student assistance. Answer the provided question on why and how to use the easy audit. A basic guideline was set up so you can follow the process of creating an audit application. Contact the help desk by calling the number 877-263-0780.

Information for financial aid professionals. You can get a consolidated guidance on resources at IFAP. These include information about the administration processes involved in the title four of federal student assistance. As a valid member, you can get access, publications, processing resources, tablets, schedules and worksheets. Navigate through the available resources and funding links to receive relevant information, assistance and instructions.

System Based on e-Campus. Utilize the reporting on application by fiscal operation and participate in three programs by campus-based. Choose from the selections of Federal work-study, Federal supplemental education opportunity grant and Federal Perkins financial loan. You must register a valid account before you can access the mentioned information.

Conference for FSA training. Join the biggest offered program in the United States through an assembly for financial assistance professional. Gather the offered benefits and be assisted in your search for an affordable education after high school. This is helpful when you cannot afford the amount needed to go to college. Financial assistance professionals will be provided by the government including schools or institutions receiving title four funding.

My ED Account

Discover the professional assistance resources for training and funding by accessing my ed account online portal. Navigate through the source guideline and find your specific membership page. Use your verified login details to access and be able to manage your account and other services.

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