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Manage your account in the ClinCard Portal by logging in with your unique user-name and password through When you log into your account you can manage reimbursement and compensation unsettled or unpaid to you from any ClinCard participating trial clinics. Have your card activated when you make your first deposit.

You may use your ClinCard credit or debit option when making in-store purchases. You will be require to key-in your PIN number when you choose debit option. If you decided to use the debit option make sure to contact their customer service through phone at 1-866-952-3795 and get your personalized PIN number.  Aside from in-store purchases, you may also use your ClinCard for online shopping and withdrawal of cash from ATMs as well. Please be reminded that in order for you to make a cash advances from your bank, you must be aware of your current account balance and then inform the bank teller of your desired to withdraw. Tellers or vendors are not capable of checking your account balance so make sure to check your balance first. Present your ClipCard to the bank teller or merchant together with your valid government issued photo ID.

You can check your account balance by logging in to your ClinCard online account through Aside from using the card as a debit card, you may also use it as a credit card for in-store shopping and online purchases. Using the credit card option will not require you to enter your PIN number.

If you are a Card Holder but you still don’t have an online account, you can register your card by clicking the “here” link located in the myclincard login page. You will be asked to provide your card number, create a user-name, your valid email address, create a password and rewrite your password.

ClinCard CardHolder Log In

You will not be charged when you use your ClinCard when checking your balance, online purchases or in-store shopping and when you reload cash to your card. If you don’t use your card within 180 days, you will be charged with a monthly fee. Some ATMs will not charge you for withdrawal fee depending on the machines location.

For purchases that are beyond your current balance, make sure to inform the cashier, teller or vendor that your cards’ current balance is not sufficient for the purchase and pay the remaining balance through cash, check and other payment options.

If you forgot user-name and password for your my clin card online account, you can retrieve it by clicking the “Forgot user-name and password?” link. Provide the required information in order for you to retrieve the information you need.

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