My Card Adp Prepaid

You can activate, get access or sign in to your ADP Visa card on its web portal, located at: Your account can be easily managed anytime, anywhere when you have access to the internet. Signing in is pretty much easy also when you have access to the internet. Through your email and text, you can get your balance or transaction alerts directly. Once your plastic credit has been loaded you can use the cash anywhere your Visa is accepted at anytime and adding funds is easy, secure and very quick.

For protection you must activate this service using When you receive you’re Aline card is not yet active or activated. You may also call1-877-237-4321. Cardholders need to establish a personal identification number or PIN and can be used as a debit withdrawl.

Activating your Aline Card by mycard.adp

To walk you through on how to activate your account by using, proceed with the following steps. Click “activate my card” and proceeding to “Verify My Identity.” Enter the 16 digit number listed on the card in the required box. You voluntarily consent for your employer to enter your funds to your personal Aline payroll card when clicking on continue and submitting your activation request.

My Card Adp Prepaid

No Charge in Accessing your Pay

There are some forms in which you can manage the funds from your credit by my card ADP without having any fees. The following three ways display these methods.

  • ATM withdrawals, but keep in mind that withdrawals could be limited. Refer to your Aline fee schedule for further information using your mycard.adp account.
  • Unlimited over-the-counter bank teller withdrawals at any member bank.
  • PIN number is required. Cash back at participating retail locations.

Basic Features of ALine Card

Allow up to 3 weeks for your employer to start to load your pay into your available funds. After you have been activated, visit your online account to ensure that the funds have been added or call the following phone number 1-877-237-4321. Once you have the card in your possession, do not contact your employer as it will automatically be deposited.

You can obtain a second card for family members or a spouse through your account or calling the phone number that was mentioned before. A validation process must be approved for the cardholder and the family member. There is No interest charged by using this service.

If you should lose your card, stolen, or becomes damaged, report it as soon as you can. Customer service can be reached at877-237-4321. Then a new one will be issued and the old one will be canceled.

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