Mapco Rewards Account Management

Mapco Rewards Account Management
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Register an account for a reward program and greatly improve your shopping experience by accessing You will be rewarded for your purchases at any participating MAPCO sites. This is an assurance from your MAPCO My rewards program.

You will be provided with valuable points together with your daily purchases as part of the program. Be a verified member of and continue shopping while earning points. Choose the rewards that you prefer to receive such as gift cards, free in-store products or fuel discounts.

Steps in Joining and Becoming a Member of MAPCORewards

Prepare the following details for the convenience of your registration:

  • Card ID code
  • Assign your four digit PIN and verify (Sign in and be designated as returning MY Rewards client if you have your PIN card)
  • Select two different verification questions and provide the correct answer
  • You can provide the phone number or ID card of your referrer to the reward program

Verify the required security phrase and agree with the set conditions and terms regarding MAPCO Rewards. Complete this before you submit your application. Make sure that you read and fully understand the details before continuing with the process. Simply log in in case that you need to update your personal details. This procedure will keep your profile up to date.

How to Use Your Own MAPCO Rewards Account

Your card with MAPCO MY rewards should be registered because it has certain advantages. The registered card will always receive additional benefits. Swipe your registered card to earn reward points at any participating MAPCO convenience stores every time you refuel. You can also redeem points whenever you want. Show your card to any team member that assists you in the participating store.

You can choose among the three methods of viewing your remaining points. First, you may choose to access and view your points. Second, scan the card at any participating stores. Lastly, check your receipt and view your points balance. Swipe your reward card and wait for the receipt to be printed. Your remaining points are located on the bottom part of the receipt. Keep in mind that your accumulated points will expire after nine months of being inactive. Inactivity is considered when your card is not used or swiped for the duration of nine months.

Mapco Rewards Account Management

There are in-store items that are exempted from earning or accumulating reward points. The legally restricted items which are ineligible for rewards are MAPCO gift cards, in-store restaurant, money order, lottery, alcohol and tobacco. Lost or stolen cards can be reported through, over the phone or at any participating in-store kiosk. You can reach customer care service by dialing 1-877-722-4664. Assistance is available Mondays through Fridays from 9:30 AM until 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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