Activate My Card

Activate My Card
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Manage a safe and secured activation of your new card online by simply using the card activation center at To begin with, you have to click the button named as Let’s Activate My Card. Afterwards, you have to correctly enter your card number without any spaces or dash into the required box. Once you’ve entered the correct card number, you have to click the button labeled as submit and your account will be activated.

Talking about your privacy and security, the information gathered by activatemycards is confidential and you can rest assured that it will not be used for any marketing purposes. Moreover, the company is committed not to share or sell your information with any other business or organizations.

To actively use your card for acquisition, your card ID number must match the details stored in the system. When you are having problems in making your activation go through, you must double check the entered card number for sometimes you may unknowingly entered the wrong one.

Moreover, with the latest trends of payment mode transactions, using prepaid gifts and credit cards have been a great advantage of these days. Most stores now accept prepaid credit cards, which gives greater access and advantage to those who use them. Therefore, using prepaid cards will help you spend your money within your scope of budget and is also called as money management. This will help you become more accountable in regards to your cash disbursements and finances management.

Activate My Card

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