Speed Perks Rewards

Speed Perks Rewards
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Register and gain unlimited access to your very own Advanced Auto Part Rewards through www.speedperks.com. As a verified loyal customer, you will be rewarded with cash backs on your in-store and online purchases. For a single purchase worth , you are guaranteed to earn reward points.

Choose between text or email notification of your reward points. You can redeem your earned points at Advanced Auto Parts outlets. Keep in mind that your membership enrollment is quick, easy and free at SpeedPerks.com. You will be included for exclusive deals and special offers when you become a member.

Begin your Experience with SpeedPerks

Personal details about you will be required in the creation of your account. Provide your phone number as a first time user of SpeedPerks.com. You can use the same telephone number if you opt for the in-store registration. Give your email address for your personal verification and confirmation. Create a unique and secure password after you have been prompted to make one. The password and email are required whenever you want to log in. Choose among the available mode of communication in receiving your reward points.

Do not worry on how you can track your points without your reward card. The telephone number that you have provided is your Speed Perks Membership link. This can be used anytime at any Advanced Auto Parts outlet. Every purchase worth at least has an equivalent reward points for you. Give your phone number to the attending cashier every time you make a purchase. You transaction will be given an equivalent amount of points. Allow three to four business days for your rewards to arrive.

Additional Tips

Check your spam folders or junk mail if your reward points did not arrived within the expected time. If your reward did not arrived as expected, sign in to reprint or resend your reward points.

You start earning rewards immediately after signing up, but keep in mind that the processing time for your membership may reach 24 hours. Your information may be reprocessed by the team when your sign up has not reached 24 hours. This is a security feature so that no purchase points may be overlooked and all points are sent.

To keep track of your rewards, you may log in and inquire about your earned balanced at www.speedperks.com. Your accumulated reward points will expire after 60 days and will not be reimbursed after.

Check that your Advanced Auto Parts outlet is a participant of the Speed Perks membership rewards program.

Speed Perks Rewards

Read and accept the conditions and terms before submitting any personal information. For inquiries and assistance, call the customer care service at 1-877-238-2623.

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