Shell Fuel Rewards Program

Shell Fuel Rewards Program
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Register to become a member of the Fuel Rewards program and pay less for your fuel refill through It is quite easy, fast and absolutely free to become a member. You do not have to pay the full price when filling up your gas at any participating outlets.

You are offered various rewards from Shell and Mastercard through your day to day online shopping or in stores purchases. Over 11,000 participating restaurants as well as travel expenses are up for grabs for your dining and tours. Link your existing Visa or MasterCard and earn extra savings at

Steps to Start Receiving Your FuelRewards

Follow these simple processes to begin your big savings and earnings on rewards. Join the Fuel Rewards program and you will save as much as {{ $content }}.03 for every gallon of fuel at Shell stations. Give the following personal details for your registration:

  • Valid email address
  • Your first and last name
  • Mobile number
  • Current address

Link up your existing MasterCard or Visa account so you can earn {{ $content }}.05 for every gallon and for purchases amounting to at participating outlets. Please check with the participating vendors for eligibility of the rewards program.

Start shopping and earning points after you have successfully linked your accounts. Dining at any participating restaurants will let you earn great rewards. An equivalent of {{ $content }}.10 per gallon discount will be earned for every spent on dining. Navigate the homepage to know more about online memberships, store retailers, participating restaurants and options on travels.

Earn benefits from your membership every time you go and fill up for gas. You will gain a daily offer of {{ $content }}.03 per gallon discount at any participating Shell stations near you. Install the application on your devices and you will be able to locate every participating outlet. You will be prompted to select Fuel Rewards at the pump for redemption of your points. Simply swipe your Fuel Rewards Card or input your member ID and then proceed to pay by swiping your debit or credit card.

You may also text the word APP to 83835 and receive a link for downloading the Fuel Rewards application. Install the application on any compatible mobile devices. The application is also available at Google Play and App Store.

Your rewards are available for at least one month before expiring. Be sure to check the expiration date of your rewards. You can redeem your points in a timely manner if you know the expiration date beforehand.

Shell Fuel Rewards Program

Please read and understand the stipulated terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy for your convenience. The personal information that you have shared may be used as data to provide you with relevant offers.

You may call customer support by dialing 1-888-603-0473.

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