PTCL Speed Test

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PTCL speed test shows you the Internet speed you are getting. It is a very useful test and PTCL users often use the speed test to know the exact download speed and upload speed they are getting.

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PTCL stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. Founded in 1947, PTCL is the oldest and the largest telecom service provider in the country. Currently, the company has more than eighteen thousand employees. Etisalat International Pakistan LLC is the parent company of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. PTCL offers landline telephone, Internet both wired and wireless and Smart TV. Daniel Ritz is serving the company as its chief executive officer.

Performing PTCL Speed Test

Below we will show you how to perform PTCL speed test. PTCL claims to offer the Internet speed for which you have signed up. But sometimes there are some issues with the Internet which cause the speed to drop down. You will need to perform a speed test if you want to know what Internet speed you are getting exactly.

  • Go to the PTCL speed test site using the link given below.
  • PTCL speed test page will open on your screen. There you will see a big Go button on the screen. You just have to click the Go button.
  • A new page will appear and you will see different calculations like Ping, Jitter, Download, and Upload.
  • Wait for the calculations to complete and when they do then you will be able to see the exact download speed you are getting from PTCL.
  • If there is a difference between the download speeds you were promised and the one you are getting then you can contact the PTCL customer service and tell them about it. You can mention them the complete speed test results you have received as it will help them find the solution of the problem. The download, upload and ping tests are performed to the closest server available

PTCL Live Chat

PTCL also offers live chat option for its customers. You can use the option to chat with a live PTCL representative. The live chat option is available from 9am to 9pm (Mon-Sat).

PTCL Bill Inquiries and Complaints

Do you have any bill inquiries or complaints? If yes, then you need to dial 1218 from your phone. When you dial 1218, listen to the automated voice carefully and select the right option.

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