Certified Vehicle Rebate Service

Certified Vehicle Rebate Service
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Access your GM certified rebate account to check your status, print or reprint forms, check your cards current prepaid balance, and check for the latest deals through www.mycertifiedservicerebates.com. There are four unique options to view your rebate status when you have a rebate in processing. This options include submission of your ID or address, email and through phone. By clicking the “Status Lookup” link in the menu bar. You can then choose from those four options and by clicking one of them, you will be asked to fill up information on the boxes to view your current rebate status.

Having problems looking for your form? Click the “reprint my form” link located on the menu bar of mycertifiedservicesrebates.com and get your new form. The same procedure applies when you want to look at the current status of you rebate, check current rebates, and checking your current card balance. 

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You can submit your rebates through this following options:

  1. Scan or Upload Online. This is done by submitting your scanned or uploaded invoice or repair orders online.
  2. Online and Mail-in. Fill in your form online and mail your confirmation page with invoice/repair orders to the address written on the Rebate Confirmation Page on My Certified Service Rebates.
  3. Mail-in. Download the form from the Rebate page and fill the necessary fields with a copy of your invoice/repair orders to the address listed on the form then mail it in.

For rebates that are in the form of a prepaid Visa cards with Citi logo on it, the card can be used to check directly for the current balance of your prepaid card. If your card does not appear to have a Citi logo with it, a different button should be used. It is at the bottom of the page and you now can check your current balance for that card there.

These are only available through GM certified service parts which include Cadillac, Buick, GMC and Chevrolet. The parts that are purchased through AC Delco are included for rebate services. By logging in to the site, you can be updated with the latest offers that are given by mycertifiedservicerebates. All of the offers that are available has the option to start online or download the necessary form. The offers has its own code, program dates and the amount the rebate is worth.

Certified Vehicle Rebate Service

By clicking the ‘FAQ’ button at the menu bar, you can find the common questions to help you out. On this page you will also know your eligibility, how to complete the necessary forms, where you can find your invoice/repair number, where to mail your request and so on. If you need more assistance, you can contact the customer service provider by calling this number 1-844-656-5369. You can also send them an email by clicking the ‘Contact’ button in the menu bar and fill in your contact information and submission information. After filling in the necessary fields, you can now send your email by clicking ‘submit’ button located at the bottom of the page.

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