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There is now a better way to get into your myflexonline accounts today at Members can access their accounts online by entering their registered login details. By that, they can enjoy a load of services and convenient management of their accounts all at the touch of their fingertips.

Creating a My Flex Online account is easy. For new users, just look at the “New Users” option on the right side of the login page then click on the link that says “New User Registration”. Once your log in details are assigned, just enter them in to the corresponding boxes of the log in page to access your account.

As you log in to the member’s portal, you will see your account summary and various items and access links organized neatly for you to check out on. You can see options to file claims and view user information. If it’s your first time to try filing a claim, you can use the “Help” option and follow the given instructions. If you click the “View” button you can see a list of items for reimbursements which IRS allows.

Registering a New Account

When creating an account, there are steps you need to follow. First is to enter the following important details to prove your identification:

  • Full name (Last name and First name)
  • Birthdate
  • ZIP code
  • Social security number’s last 4 digits

The next step is to create your personal profile. Provide a username, password and an email address. The last thing to do is to verify all the information to be submitted. It is good to double check on the details. After verifying, submit all your information to complete the process.

How to File a Claim with MyFlexOnline

My Flex Online

Once you are satisfied with your account summary on my flex online, look for the button that says “File a Claim” and click on it. Then, enter all information related to the expenses which you are requesting for reimbursements. Then select the option that says “Add an Item”. Click on the button that says “View form located at the bottom left of the page. Verify your information then click “Continue”.

After this, you will see a printable form which you need to download and submit along with copies of valid receipts. As you print the forms, make sure that you disable pop up notifications. After all these, send your claim form via fax or mail including all the receipts and request your reimbursements. Address it to BMS LLC as you do this, then you are done with your claims.

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