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You can get the right information with the equal help to settle a defaulted loan or be granted a loan at These responsibilities are handled by the resolution group of the department. The grant programs to choose from include resolution through state student assistance.

Use the national student loans data systems in case you are not sure which default you have including your type of grant or loan. You can also check for the original documents of your grant or loan. These features are presented at online site.

Features of MyEdDebt

These are covered by the portal for debt resolve and include:

  • Immediate loans. With the aid of the direct loan program of William D Ford, one can avail of the offers such as plus loan and consolidation and state Stafford. Teaching grants are also available and have been converted to immediate unsubsidized loan.
  • State family educational loan. These also include State Stafford, State consolidation and the State plus loans.
  • National SMART grants and TEACH grants. This is offered in the event that you are required to pay back part of the federal funding that was granted to you.
  • State Perkins loan. This type of loans often remains at school or be designated to the department for collecting debt in case such loans are placed on default.

Have your loan or grant resolved, select the proper link located at the lowest part of the page when you access the my ed debt online page. There are options to select which include debtor, school, collateral, bureau, private collections and employer agency. Select the term that suits your situation and click the “proceed” button in order to continue.

My EdDebt

The listed resolutions allow you to view information concerning your accounts. It also displays a listing of selections to choose from. This will assist you in making the right decision about taking care of your grant or loan. From your accounts, view the defaulted amount of debt, compare the history of your payments or choose various options for settling my ed debt online account.

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