Military Star Card

Military Star Card
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Start your access for the MILITARY STAR card by registering for membership through You will be protected against predatory lending schemes through responsible financial solutions. The Air Force and Army Exchange Service operates and fund this program for all service personnel. The program is made possible by the support from your Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Army.

Use the account with your card and accesses the available services at Log in by providing your credentials and you can connect to your Exchange Contact Hub. The center is composed of a group of professionals from all over the world. This group is committed to answer the wishes of military clients. You will receive discounts amounting to ten percent off on your first purchase if you register for membership today.

Advantages for Your Membership with MyECP

You will have the access to various military benefits through your membership. This is an exclusive privilege and offered only to members like you. Use your access and discover more about the following features:

  • Food discounts up to ten percent daily
  • Fuel discounts of five cents off per gallon
  • Savings account exclusive for cardholders only
  • Policy on deployment
  • Coverage for military clothing
  • No penalty interest when your 0% promotion expires
  • No annual fees involved
  • No penalty fees

Shop by using your card at any accredited exchange facilities and earn two reward points for your dollar. There are many outlets that will let you earn points through your purchases. It is advisable that you shop at any Air Force and Army Exchange Service sponsored food courts, malls, groceries, restaurants and more. Save your points up to 2,000 and you will be rewarded with a twenty dollar amount off from any services or merchandises. Always inquire with your vendor if My ECP card is accepted before making a purchase.

Military Star Card

Know more about the services, features and products by My E C P. Use the available tabs and menus to view additional information and be updated on new offers. The Promotions menu will display the various promos from your Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy Exchange. Locate the similar menus and be guided with your search through the portal. There are multitudes of features and products that you have yet to discover from your membership access.

In the event that you have issues or problems with your access, please use the Contact Us tab immediately. There is a frequently asked questions are where inquiries regarding your deployment schedule, disputing a charge, and unused account status are posted. You may speak directly to the customer support agent by dialing 1-877-891-7827. For email messages, please send it to Fax messages must be directed to 1-214-465-2702. Send your mail correspondence to Exchange Credit Program, Post Office Box 74089, Dallas, Texas, and Zip code 75265-0410.

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