Milestone Gold MasterCard

Sign in to My Milestone Gold MasterCard management page through a protected server by accessing Manage your online finance account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pay your bills online without additional charges and receive paperless transaction reports. With this amount of time you can view your recent balance information, track credit availability, request for credit amount increase and more.

You are allowed by the Milestone client center to log in and gain access to the benefits of This is the offered advantage to registered members like you. Register for an account for milestone credit cards now. It is sponsored by Mid-America Bank and trust and can be yours in just a few moments. Please press the “register” button on your page to start.

Register for a MyMilestoneCard Account

Provide your personal details during the registration process. You will receive access and learn of the convenient way of managing your own account. Make sure that you have internet connectivity so you can access anywhere and anytime. Please prepare the following information for your registration:

  • Case-sensitive printout of your account code from the statement
  • Birth date of the main account owner
  • Complete social security code
  • Give your valid email address. This will be used for alerts and notifications about services and products. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with a third party. This is in accordance with the privacy policy of the issuing bank.
  • Your case-sensitive username. It should contain six – sixteen characters without spaces.
  • Your password containing eight characters. It should also contain a minimum of one special character without spaces. Do not use a password similar to your username.
  • Press the “register now” button to complete the task.

Common Inquiries Regarding My Milestone Card

A compilation of the FAQ page is available for you so you can save time as an account holder. The frequently asked topics are how to use my milestone gold MasterCard, details, payment transactions as well as account contracts. For your questions that are not included in the FAQ, you may contact the customer support representative. Use the “contact us” portal to reach the customer support immediately.

Milestone Gold MasterCard

Your friendly customer care service is willing to assist you through phone or mail. Contact the customer support services by dialing 866-502-6439 or through fax at 503-268-4711. Report your lost or stolen card immediately by calling 1-888-260-4532. You will not be held liable for any charges made with your card without your permission if you report it.

You may also send your letters or documents to Bankcard services at postal office box 4477, Beaverton, Oregon. Area zip code is 97067-4477.

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