Diageo Shares Online Dealing

Diageo Shares Online Dealing
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Register an online account with Diageo Shares through www.mydiageoshares.com. A consistent global leader of alcohol beverages, Diageo provides quality, affordability and variety to all consumers. The company has doubled in size in the past 5 years because of the acquisitions in local distributions and brands. Remarkable changes in the culture and operating model also resulted in greater responsiveness and agility. These are the factors that brought your Diageo business closer to the clients.

It is a must for a company to be authentic and transparent at all times. This approach will certainly earn the respect and trust of customers everywhere. With over two hundred sites in thirty countries, the company is able to provide the chosen brand of every client. The international supply center of the company deals with export products and it is manned by 4,000 employees. You can learn more information by exploring the contents of mydiageoshares.com.

Log In Successfully At MyDiageoShares

The following guide is applicable for existing employees of the company only. Please refer to the instructions below to sign into your Diageo employee account:

  • Go to the main page and locate the ‘Employee Shareplan Information” box.
  • Use the link on the box to access the sign in area.
  • Locate the appropriate field to enter your password and ID.
  • Review your login details for errors.
  • Proceed inside your account through the ‘Logon’ link.

Keep your username and password in a secured place. In case of lost password, please use the provided link on the portal. You will receive assistance as soon as possible. It is also vital that you read and understand the disclaimer that goes with your account. To read the online disclaimer, please find and use the red ‘Here’ link.

Diageo Shares Online Dealing

Services and Features of MyDiageoShares

You can perform transactions such as selling Sharestore, SIP5+ shares and certificates through the dealing services of Diageo. This newly launched capability of the business will simplify and speed up your online transactions. There are more to learn about this feature at diageoregistrars.com. As a current employee, always keep your details updated during Workday. Failing to update your address and name may result in missing vital communication from your team. Always check the status of your personal details and keep it updated through your account.

In case of issues or problems with your account, please refer to the ‘Contact Us’ link. You will be taken to all relevant contact information of the business. Please go to the top right corner of My Diageo shares page to find these details. You may speak directly with the customer assistance agent at 013-1519-2090. You can also send your fax communication at 013-1519-2011. If you prefer to send email, please send it to The.Registrar@Diageo.com.

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