Your UHealth Chart Account

Your UHealth Chart Account
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Register for your UHealth access so you can freely navigate the features inside Receive the most excellent health care services from the best doctors in the region. The health system in your University of Miami offers medical education and innovative research. This is intended solely for the benefit of the community of South Florida.

The combination of education, research and patient care by the organization aims to bring healthcare to a new frontier. Latest developments in UHealth system are immediately applied to every bedside from the laboratory. These include the participation of patients on clinical trials and research. Boasting a vast network encompassing thirty outpatient facilities, three hospitals, and with over a thousand scientists as well as doctors. The network delivers huge resources for medical developments and other advances in health care. There is more to learn when you access your account at

Information about MyUHealthChart

This is a platform made specifically for your medical documents to be accessed online. It is also a service that you can use for convenience and ease when you communicate with your physician. Other useful features of the program will allow you to renew prescriptions, pay bills, make appointments, and send messages from your office or home. In case that you are always traveling, the platform is compatible with various mobile devices of your choice. Get it right away from Google Play or App Store and install it on your android, iPad, or iPhone. To use the program, simply select your choice of UHealth provider and view the available services.

Your UHealth Chart Account

Use the Online UHealth Chart Effectively

Use your registered account from UHealth to navigate the contents of the portal. The step by step instructions are listed below for your reference:

  • Locate the login field of the page. You can find it on your left side of the portal.
  • Type your validated password and username in the appropriate boxes.
  • Check that your password and username is correct.
  • Use the orange Sign In key to continue.
  • Locate the support link in case you have lost your password or user ID.

In case you are not yet a member and you want to have your own access, you may start your registration immediately. Find the green link labeled with Sign up Now and use it to register an account. You will be redirected to a new page where you have to fill in some personal details. Successfully comply with all the enrollment requirements and you will be granted an access.

Setting up An Appointment Schedule

Navigate the portal if you want to arrange an appointment in advance. Search for the menu with the Request an Appointment label at My UHealth Chart. Use the tab and you will be taken to the appropriate page. Use the listed contact numbers to set up your schedule or check an appointment.

For issues related to your access, please send your email to the customer support at You may also speak to an agent at 305-243-4551.

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