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Kelly Educational Staffing offers costs savings allowing you to pay attention to what’s most important your teachers, your students, and also even the community. Kelly Educational Staffing has recently proudly offered staffing placement to schools since 1997 with 100% success improving substitute placement rate in all our partner districts. With our systems, everyone wins: Kelly services kass log in and Kelly Automated Scheduling System

Kelly Educational Staffing Login

With our substitute management solutions, Kelly Educational Staffing offers school areas with real finances savings opportunities in addition to gains in operational efficiency. This means that instant hard and soft cost savings for you personally.

Since 1997, Kelly Educational Staffing continues to be offering workforce solutions to meet up because of the challenges of a massive number of schools across the United States Of America Of America. Up to now, over a quarter billion student learning days have been taught by a Kelly Educational Staffing substitute teacher.

All Kelly Educational Staffing employees must complete a comprehensive training and direction session before entering the school environment. This is composed of:

  1. A professional training program prepared in partnership with EDTRAININGCENTER on classroom management strategies and teaching techniques
  2. Paid training on employment and region policies and procedures
  3. a post on topics like as school room management techniques, teaching strategies, professionalism and reliability and ethics, and legal and health related issues
  4. A wide range of internet based educational training and expert development courses via the Kelly Learning Center along with other free software training
  5. For lots more information, check out our training page
Kelly Educational Staffing Login
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