MyLab & Mastery of Statistics

MyLab & Mastery of Statistics
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Manage your StatLab private account through the features of After you have successfully applied for an account, you may use your login information at Pearson right away. Explore the main page and look for the ‘Sign In’ button. After using the link, you will reach the login page for your login details. Make sure that you have typed your username and password correctly. A link is also available in case you have forgotten your password or user ID.

Your Mastering & MyLab is focused on giving exceptional outcome to students and educators. The online programs are effective in delivering consistent and noticeable gains in every student. Retention in lessons and learning outcomes will eventually lead to passing the selected course. Through your account, you are affiliated with institutions and educators in helping every student to succeed. Learn more about the things that your access can do at

Getting Started With MyStatLab

Make sure that you have an authorized account before trying to access the portal. To create one, you have to apply for educator or a student access first. If you are an educator, start with your application through the ‘Educator” link. Look for the link just below the ‘Register Now’ key. Now, you also need to give your access code and course ID if you are the section instructor. Additionally, please indicate if your purpose is listed below:

  • Need to copy courses
  • Need to start a course
  • Enroll in a course by other instructor

MyLab & Mastery of Statistics

Choosing the first option will require you to agree with the privacy policy and company terms. Please read and understand the stipulated terms before you continue with your registration. You need to accomplish the three enrollment steps so that you can enjoy the benefits of your educator account. These steps are the access information, account details and confirmation, and summary.

Feel free to use My Stat Lab in the ‘Help’ link in case you need assistance with your authorization. The link is located at the top right area of the online enrollment form. Another way is to find and use the ‘Question Mark’ icon. There are specific menus that you can use for technical help and customer support. Please dial 844-292-7015 to speak directly with an agent.

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