Your LMS Campus System

Your LMS Campus System
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Manage your private and exclusive KUIS access through the features of Your Kolej University Islam Antarabangsa Selangor is known as a private university and owned by the Selangor Islamic Religious Council. To reach the campus, please travel to Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi. The institution is known for its dynamism in Islamic and private learning stance in Malaysia.

Your university is always striving to maintain its academic excellence and a focal point not only in Malaysia but throughout the world. Overseas students are welcome as well as those that came from the localities of Malaysia. This has resulted in a diverse and dynamic student body in the campus. The school is also living its motto of being ‘The Catalyst in Knowledge Tradition’ in the community. Everyone is provided with an affordable and the best education as possible. Learn more about the advantages of KUIS through

Getting To Know About MyLMSKuis

Your LMS Campus System

Use the online service of KUIS and sign in to your campus account securely. Please ensure that you have the proper authorization before you attempt to log in. A very convenient and useful way of managing your access is listed below:

  • Locate the login area of the portal.
  • Type your password and username in the provided fields.
  • Review your login information and proceed using the ‘Enter’ link.
  • Use the provided assistance link if you have forgotten your access.

For users that are interested to become a member today, please navigate through the ‘Register Here’ button. You will be asked for your IC number as part of the verification process. You may also refer to the ‘Registration Guide’ for further help in your application. The guide is downloadable and very handy to have. Keep in mind that only students are allowed to apply for a unique myLMS Kuis user ID.

Online Application Processing

To facilitate the volume of interested enrollees, online applications are offered. Search for the ‘Admissions’ menu and go through the ‘Online Application’ key to apply. Provide your passport information at the ‘Passport Number’ area and continue by using the ‘Enter’ key. This key is located right below the ‘New Application’ menu. Accomplish the remaining process and wait for the confirmation message.

Additional information can also be obtained from My LMS KUIS FAQs. Always refer to the university FAQs link in case you have issues with your login. You may also speak directly with the student support at 603-8911-7000. For fax communication, please send it to 603-8926-8462. For email messages, please direct it to and

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