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Verve MasterCard Reservation

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Your Verve card reservation must be confirmed by way of Mid-America Bank and Trust Company MasterCard Application through The number of your reservation and Social Security are necessary if you were assigned a numbered reservation earlier. When you are applying for a verve card without a reservation, please click the “No Reservation” button.

An application for credit cards can be done by dialing the telephone number 1-866-513-4598 or send the certificate of acceptance that you previously received through mail. This is made possible when you opt for preselected offers. An amount of assistance is offered by Mid-America bank to their customers especially when other financially related institutions could not be of service to them. Give the required individual information at the virtual portal to enroll for the credit card.

The Required Information for YourVerveCard Online Application

  • Enter your complete name.
  • Key in the number from your Social Security.
  • State the date of your birth.
  • Specify your complete mailing address.
  • Give an estimate of your gross monthly income.

Do not be alarmed when your individual information is asked. There are two separate reasons why such requirement must be met by you. First, the state law obliges Mid-America bank in confirming and documenting information, specifically for identifying individuals opening new accounts. Second, due to your record in the bureau of credit and should be requested. This is used in comparison with the information including your monthly salary for processing your application.

To be denied or approved in the application is instantaneous at the said online site. In other cases, additional figures or information are required aside from the one that you have provided. In such a case, it usually takes up to 30 days before reaching a decision regarding your application. In the event that your account has been approved, your credit cards will arrive through mail within the span of three working days.

A limited amount of 0 will be given to your verve card account once it is approved. There are cases that will require you to deposit for security reasons in order to be eligible for a credit card. After receiving your card from the mail, activate it through phone. The card cannot be activated online at the moment. Card activation is limited within thirty 30 days of arrival or it will result in your account to becoming closed automatically.

Choosing to enroll through the bank online service will allow you to manage your credit cards online account. There are several services including the following:

  • Payment for your card credit charges
  • Register and receive statements online
  • Display the complete history of your transaction
  • View your previous records
  • Look over your past payments
  • Know your current balance

Free services are offered including the management system online account. The mail will deliver your statements in its original paper document, but you can opt to receive statements online.

You can apply to for benefits, just place a request at your convenience. It is worth noting that in the unfortunate event of disability or loss of job, you are assured to be covered. This is made possible through the program that protects your credit. Coverage for such an event requires 12 months of nonstop monthly payment. Hospitalization will require you to have at least a month of minimum payments. In cases of death, the full remainder of your account will be terminated. Call the benefit administrators through the telephone number 1-866-665-7967 to apply for benefits and activate them.


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