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www.yahoo.com is one of the most popular email sites that is known and used by most of the people. This is a site where you will send and receive mails. Besides, you will be receiving news updates and other Google advertisement that are posted on the yahoo website. This article will explain how to create a new account and sign in to a yahoo mail account.

How to Create a New Account with www.yahoo.com

1.Go to the site www.yahoo.com then go to mail.

2.Click on Create New Account 

3.There will be a sign up form to be filled.

4.Select the language you want to use

5.Fill your first name and the last name.

6.Choose a unique username and password.

7.Add a mobile phone number which is mainly used for verification.

8.Input your date of birth and select your gender.

9.You can decide to put an optional recovery number then wright your relationship.

10.Click on create account after reading the yahoo terms and privacy.

After clicking “create account” tab, you will have to be verified. You can choose either to receive a verification code via SMS or be called. After getting the code, input the code and click on the “submit code” button. After submitting, you will see a text written your account has been successfully created. Those are the basic steps of creating a new account with yahoo. In fact it will take you to your mail immediately if you are still online.

How to Sign In To mail.yahoo.com

After creating an account, you will have to log in every time you want to send a mail or check your mail. To sign in, you will just go to the site www.yahoo.com then go to mail. Click on sign in. input your username and the password correctly. In case your password and the username are correct, then you will be signed in to yahoo where you can check mails and send them.

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www.yahoo.com Mail Inbox Sign In | Sign Up | Login
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