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The Indian Railways online reservation has released a new version of its website for booking train ticket online. The NGET IRCTC at This website has an improved user interface, faster and better. In fact, you just have to wait few minutes before the page loads and allows you to access the its functionality.

Before you proceed to do anything in, first you need to register there and login to IRCTC, then only you can book ticket, check seat availability or check pnr status. So let me tell you how to Sign Up on IRCTC and Perform login

[How to] IRCTC Sign Up | IRCTC Login

First you need to register on IRCTC by signing up, then only you can proceed to login. So, First let me tell you steps for IRCTC signup

  1. Go to and click Sign Up on the Middle of the Screen
  2. A new page will open requiring you to fill information
  3. Fill the information with your real identity such as Name, DOB and Address, Make sure you chose a unique username and a valid email address as the password will be sent to that.
  4. After Filling the form, Enter the Verification code and Click Submit.
  5. You will be taken to terms and condition page which you have to accept.
  6. Congratulation you have successfully registered to
  7. Now Check you email address and activate your account by clicking the link.
  8. Next, You need to verify your mobile number this is done by requesting OTP.
  9. Now you successfully activated your IRCTC Account.

Note:- The email you received from IRCTC also contains password that you have to use for login.

This was all you need to do for IRCTC Sign Up, Now you can proceed for IRCTC Login, which you can do by simple step process.

How to Login in IRCTC

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your USER ID and Password
  3. Enter Captcha Code as seen in the image
  4. Click Login.

Thats It! You have now succesfully registered to irctc and you can now proceed to browse the new version of this website.

The user interface of the new website is a little different from the previous version. After you sign in, you will get a new page similar to the one displayed below.

Through this website, you can book a ticket, travel, cancel your ticket, check your PNR status, get a refund, and check train seat availability and much more, just from this page.

How to Book a Ticket Online in

To book a ticket all you need to do is login to your account and you will be presented a plan my journey form in the left side. Here you just need

  • Enter your departure station
  • Enter Your Arrival station
  • Your journey Date
  • The type of your ticket – E-ticket (off course).

After you enter the required information, just submit the information and the list of trains available with their departure and arrival times will be displayed.

Just select any train that you are interested in and view the seat availability on the given train. If the train is suitable for your need select it and proceed to Traveller Information and Payment.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking : How to Get a Reservation Quickly

Indian Railways also have a tatkal quota, which has a limited seat reserved on the train. The Tatkal booking quota opens one day prior to your departure, For a fixed time upon which you have to book your ticket, If you succeed then Good, and if not the try next day ?

Tatkal Booking Latest Timing :-

  • AC Train Ticket – 10AM to 12AM
  • Sleeper Train Ticket – 11AM to 1PM

Tattle quota books within minutes of opening time so you need to be fast enough to book otherwise you will get waitlisted ticket. So to book a tatkal quota ticket you need to do the same steps as in booking a general quota train ticket.

Here, All you need to do is at the time of train availability select the “Tatkal quota” option and the view seat availability. This will give you the total seat available in that train on tatkal quota. If any seat is available you can go forward and purchase a ticket.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tips : How to get a tatkal ticket fast.

As said, booking a tatkal ticket is not at all easy. Due to heavy competition you might fail in getting a reservation. So, here are some of tatkal booking tips which will increase your success rate

1. Use a Really fast internet – With slow internet you are bound to fail, faster the internet quicker you can book a ticket.

2.Open, 5 minutes before tatkal timing so that you can improve your success rate by quickly logging in to IRCTC

3. Open a New Tab and Simultaneously browse different website while your IRCTC page is loading, This will keep your internet alive.

4.Use Autofill software, there are many autofill software which works as a browser extension and saves your time by auto filling the traveling form.

5.Use Paytm Wallet, Recently IRCTC has started accepting Paytm Wallet payment, I recommend to use it for faster payment processing.

These were some of the IRCTC Tatkal reservation tips which will definitely help you in increasing your success rate.

This was all about IRCTC LOGIN and Booking Train Tickets online. has definitely solved the problem of reservation which was highly hectic offline.

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