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Kik is a private messenger application which was found in 2009 at, by a small group of extremely passionate students belonging to university of Waterloo. Their main motto was to build a company that would shift the computing center from PC’s and laptops to smartphones. They currently have more than 200 million users signed up, across 230 countries.

Kik is a very sophisticated messaging application. Unlike other messaging apps, Kik uses the usernames and not their phone numbers, so the users are in complete control of who they want to communicate with. In order to send a message to a person on Kik, you need to know their unique username otherwise there is a search function to find people you know by their names. But it may take a while to find such people, as the app may have multiple users operating under that specific name.

To use Kik you must sign up and login to the messenger and thats why I have written this tutorial. It will give you the easiest method to create an account and login in kik.

How to Kik Sign Up Online

Kik Login – Sign Up Online Messenger Download

Creating Kik account is extremely easy on android as well as PCs, but the only difference is that you have to download BlueStacks for PC first, the rest of the procedure is same for both which is described below

  1. Open the Kik app and click on the create account button.
  2. Write your first name in the first blank field.
  3. Enter your last name in the second blank field.
  4. Type your desired screen name in the third blank field, but remember, this will be your Kik username, so choose carefully whichever name you will be using.
  5. Enter your email address in the fourth blank field. (Enter your primary email so that, whenever you lose your Kik password, Kik will send your newly created password to the email address you provide. Therefore, provide a valid e-mail, and don’t worry, Kik won’t spam you by sending unnecessary emails.)
  6. Choose your unique password and type that in the last blank field. (Be sure to choose a password, that is not relevant to you and is hard to guess by people around you.)
  7. Now, in the upper left corner, click the camera window, to upload or click a photo for your profile picture.
  8. You can now click the “green” register button, to create your Kik account.
  9. Congratulations, you have successfully created your Kik account.

Creating an account is sufficient to login in Kik which will make you utilize Kik at the fullest. Below I have described how you can login in

How to Login In Kik Messenger

Now you have to get to the part of Kik login. This is a very easy- peazy method and do not need much explaining. For Kik login, there are 4 simple instructions-

  1. Click the “gray” kik login button.
  2. Enter your screen name in the given first blank field.
  3. Put your chosen password in the second field.
  4. Hit the next “green” button to log in.

This will make you go online in kik messenger and you can chat with anyone you want, provided that he/she has not blocked you.

Kik Messenger Download for Android | iOS and PC

Kik is one of the best messenger platform for smartphones and the best part is that its available for free. You can download it for your smartphone from the suitable links below.

  • Kik Download for Android
  • Kik Download for iPhone
  • Kik Download for Windows Phone

Kik Download for PC – This messenger app is developed as a mobile application, not initially suitable for PC’s. But if you want, you can login Kik on your PC, by downloading BlueStacks Android Emulator. Afterwards, you have to download kik app, and accept the terms of service. BlueStacks enables you to use every other app on android from your PC.

Apart from the messenger part, has its own marketing tools which let developers optimize their content and share it on Kik. Also, users get to search and share amazing content on Kik, with the help of an in-built browser, without leaving the app and downloading anything new.

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