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www.Weather.com is one of the leading weather sites in the World Wide Web. Whether you want to check your local conditions before you head out in the morning or want to see if the weekend will be sunny or soggy, you can find that information quickly and easily along with so much more including weather-related videos, photographs, tv listings, news and hurricane watches.
Taking full advantage of everything the site has to offer and to customize your weather information requires you to create an account, which is really very simple. And it’s free!

Here’s how you do it:

1. On the home page, in the upper right hand corner, click on the “log in” link.

2. This will take you to the next page which will allow you to either log in using your Facebook or Google+ account, or if you don’t want to do that, you can click on “sign up”. For our purposes, click on “sign up”.

3. The next screen will ask if weather.com can use your present location. If that’s where you live, then say “yes”. If not, you can say “no” and add any location you choose. Just type it in the box and click “next”.

4. The next page will ask you if you’d like to receive special weather alerts by email and/or text. Notice that the email option is already preselected for you. You can choose not to receive emails by clicking on that box. You should see it go from blue to gray. If you wish, you can choose one, both or neither.

If you choose not to receive any alerts, click on “skip”.
If you do choose alerts, indicate your preference and click on “next, one last thing…”

5. Now you will see your Profile Page. Enter your email address, and select and enter a unique password. Your password will need to be at least 6 characters and contain no spaces, quotation marks or %). Choose a password you can easily remember.

6. Next, tick the box indicating you have read and agree to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can also choose to stay logged in for two-weeks by leaving that box ticked. If you don’t want this, untick the box.

7. The next page will ask you to choose how you’d like to save your profile: You can click on the Facebook button to save to Facebook, click on the Google+ button to save to Google+ or click “save my profile” if you don’t want to choose the other two options. If you choose Facebook or Google+, there will be a popup box indicating the requirements of either host. Follow the simple prompts and click “ok”.

8. After completing these easy steps, you’ll be directed to your profile page where you can add your name, add a photo and choose whether or not you’d like to share your weather. If so, tick the box. If not, leave it empty. You can also skip this step for now and complete it later if you wish. To skip, click “skip” or “next” to proceed.

9. Now you can tailor your weather experience. You can indicate whether you’re male or female and enter your birthdate. If you wish to skip this, click “skip” or “all done” to finish.

10. The next page you see is title “Manage my alerts”. Here you can edit your home location, change your alert notification method and select the types of special weather alerts you’d like to receive. After you’ve selected what you like, click “save”. A green box will appear at the top of the screen to let you know your changes were saved successfully.

And that’s all there is to it. You’re finished with your personal account set up. Enjoy your weather experience at www.weather.com

www.weather.com Forecast App Login | Create Account

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