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In case you want to create a Twitter account and begin joining the world of micro blogging within the shortest time possible, then you should consider following these simple steps. First of all, go to www.twitter.com and click “sign up for Twitter” option which can be found on a yellow button on the screen’s bottom right side. You should then provide the basic information about yourself including your full name and your email address.


Choose a password that is easy to remember but very difficult for anyone to guess. You also have to choose your username which has to fewer than fifteen characters long. You will be informed in case you choose a username that is unavailable or invalid. After choosing an acceptable name you will be shown that it is available for you.

Make a decision on whether you want to be always signed in to twitter on the computer you are using. This is a good option in case it is your own computer, but if it is a public computer, recall to uncheck the box next to this option. After that, click the “create my account” option. Twitter will then present you with a list of famous people whom you may follow. After you are done with following at least five people press “Next” and you will be presented with yet another list tailored to the people you choose before being asked to choose at least five more people. You will also be given an option to begin following the people you know.

Upload your profile picture by clicking on the empty profile photo so as to upload a photo of your choice. You may also click on the area below your profile picture and write a brief bio about yourself in not more than one hundred and sixty characters. You can expend your profile by simply clicking on the “edit” button which appears on your home page top right of your profile. After your account is set up, you can now start tweeting by just typing in a witty or brilliant message and press “tweet” after you are done.www.twitter.com

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