SoundCloud to Mp3 – Download | Upload

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SoundCloud is all about Music. At you can share your music to the world or you can listen to those trending songs which are being uploaded by others. No matter once you login to there ain’t going back.

SoundCloud is a type of social sound platform where anyone can share their music online to everyone they want. It is the best place for emerging musician for exposure. Once you have created your music and uploaded it in within minutes it will be shared on other social platform like Facebook, Twitter and if you are any good in creating sound believe me, Your music will go viral.

So before anything else you must know How to Upload Your Music on SoundCloud, there is no need to worry as this article is all about that it will teach you the easiest way to upload your music on

How to Sign Up and Login In

SoundCloud to Mp3 – Download | Upload

SoundCloud does not allow you to upload audio as Anonymous, that means you must Sign Up and Login to before uploading your music. So to start with I will show you how to sign up and login here.

  1. Go to and click Sign Up on top Right Corner
  2. A pop up will open with the Sign Up form.
  3. Here you have an option to either Sign In with Facebook or Sign In with Google or You can Sign Up with your Email Address.
  4. If you want to Sign In with any of the two you can click the respective button
  5. To Sign in with your email, Enter your email address and desired password
  6. Accept the Terms and click Sign Up
  7. Thats It! You are now registered to SoundCloud

Now for SoundCloud Login, Just visit the SoundCloud Homepage and click the sign in button. Now you just have to enter your registered email and password. Next, click the Sign In button and this will make you Login to Hence enabling you to upload your music here.

How to Upload Your Music to SoundCloud

SoundCloud to Mp3 – Download | Upload

Once you have made an account on you are eligible to upload any sort of audio here (under terms). A SoundCloud account give you 3 hours of space for your uploads with multiple albums which you can share on social platforms.

  1. Go to and Login to your account.
  2. Click the Upload button in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Here you have two options, either you can Upload your already recored file or you can start your recording just now.
  4. Depending on your choice click the respective button.
  5. Once you click the upload button you can upload the mp3 format or any other format audio file.
  6. Clicking the Start Recording button will start your device Microphone and you can use it to record audio.
  7. Once You are finished you can click upload
  8. Thats It! You have successfully uploaded your audio to

Its better to keep a recored mp3 format file of your music with all the editing part done as that will have much more impact. Once you have uploaded your audio you can share it with the web.

How to Download Music from SoundCloud

SoundCloud to Mp3 – Download | Upload

SoundCloud by default only allows you to listen to the music restricting you to download it. Listening to the music is easy. You can do this by clicking the Listen Button on the homepage but if you want to download the music then its a little tough. You have to take help from some third party website which can help you in downloading songs from SoundCloud. So without wasting much time here I will mention some of the resources with the help of which you can download from SoundCloud. – Here you have to just paste the url of the SoundCloud audio you want to download and it will give you the mp3 file of the same. – Just like the above this site can make a downloadable file from SoundCloud url – This site not only works with SoundCloud but with the help of it you can also download mp3 from vimeo and other video site. – Another site that is just meant to download mp3 audio. Just paste the link and click Download – This site can help you download SoundCloud audio in multiple format, Just paste the link, select the format and download.

To use any of the site above you must have java applet engine installed in your computer then only you can download from soundcloud, without it none of the site will work.

On the whole, is a wonderful website allowing user to upload their audio and listen to worldwide trending music. No matter how much you browse you will never get bored of

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