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Like it is always said, the world has become a small village where people are able to share a lot of information and communicate much easier no matter the distance separating them. As a result of the need to improve communication between friends and relatives who are far from each other there has been a development of a lot of sites which are all trying to make this communication much easier. This is where Skype now comes in, a very efficient and reliable site where you can easily communicate whether through audio or video with your loved ones or even business partners who are far. So generally Skype features can be explained as below:

Skype Features, Making it the best IM

Skype has a feature that allows for calls from Skype to Skype which means both you and the person you are talking to will both be using Skype to communicate. However for, it is also possible to conduct other types of calls via Skype like e.g. you can group different people and communicates to them with one call and this specific feature is especially important for business people who want to communicate with their partners while away. Skype also allows you to call to landlines and mobile phones from their site and this has a lot of advantages because you will be using lower rates to conduct this calls.

Skype also has a feature for video calls where you can call people whether one person or a group, both locally and internationally while facing each other through the phone. This is why Skype is also a reliable site for conducting teleconferencing for business people who want to run their businesses from while in a different geographical place.

Skype does not just deal with calls, they also have very good messaging features that allow for easy exchange of messages. These messages can be in various forms whether you want the old types of short messages, a voice message, an instant message, or even a video message that you can hear, feel, and see! Yes all these features are available in Skype and just like calls, you can send these messages to individuals or a group of people.

Other type of features available in Skype is like sharing of files, videos, and photos with other people you can also share someone’s contact Skype or number very easily and you can also connect Skype with Facebook where you easily do video calls with your Facebook friends.

Sign In | Sign Up on www.skype.com

Now that you know the great features of Skype, you need to know how you can join and register to this great website. And registration is very easy; you first open the official site www.skype.com then just enter your personal details like names and email then create your profile with details such as birthday, gender, your language phone number etc. then there are other Skype details that you will have to fill like how you intend to use the site.

Download Skype on Your iPhone | Android Smartphone

Therefore, with the above information you have all you need to know in order to communicate better and hence go ahead and register at the start and you will be more than impressed by how good this site is, But the best part of Skype is that you can download it on your mobile phone also and call using your smartphone, You can download it from the following link

iOS (iPhone | iPad ) – On iTunes Store

Android – On Play Store

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