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Yum! Brands, Inc. is a quick service restaurant company, which engages in the development, operation, franchise, and licenses a system of restaurants. It has been founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Louisville, KY. Robert D.Walter(Non-Executive Chairmen), Greg Creed(CEO), David Gibbs(CFO) are the key people of Yum! Brands, Inc. It operates through the following segments: YUM China, YUM India, KFC Division, Pizza Hut Division and Taco Bell Division.

The YUM China which includes all operations in mainland China. The YUM India which includes all operations in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The KFC Division which includes all operations of the KFC concept outside of China Division and India Division. The Pizza Hut Division which includes all operations of the Pizza Hut concept outside of China Division and India Division. The Taco Bell Division which includes all operations of the Taco Bell concept outside of India Division.Yum! Brands, Inc is formerly called as Tricon Global Resturant.

How to Login My Taco Bell for Employee

  • Login to Taco Bell Employee Portal by using the link.
  • If you are an existing user, enter the existing username and password to log in.
  • Press the Login button to continue working on the website.
  • Even if you forgot the password and user id, options are available to reset it.
  • Click the Forgot your User Name/Password option to reset.

Need Access to My Taco Bell

Even if you don’t have access, don’t panic, you can easily create one by clicking on the Request Access ‘ button. It will ask for your information, kindly follow the steps to complete the process. You need to complete the request for access process in order for your request to be submitted to your organization’s security approver.

Accessing MyTacoBellYum on a Mobile Device

If you are using this portal on your personal or office computers means not a problem.If you access My Taco Bell Yum from your phone, it means that you agree to the site’s terms and conditions. You cannot access it if you are not authorized in writing or electronic agreement by Yum. Other companies affiliated with Yum are:

  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut

Your use of the site is limited solely to Yum system business purposes and to the portions you are specifically authorized in writing to use. Employees and contractors are also prohibited from downloading, capturing or saving any material presented on the site. You are not allowed to transmit any content from your mobile device. Unauthorized use of the site will result in loss of access, which may possibly lead to criminal or civil prosecution.

For further questions related directly to Taco Bell, please use the email form provided on the link or refer to the FAQs page. You can also stay connected by following the company on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

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